Careers & Entrepreneurship:

Dreams to Reality

Whether you are looking for that dream job or always dreamed of starting a business, there are some key things you should know. This panel will have experts from both career development and entrepreneurship to get you on the right path depending on which professional avenue you choose.

Featured Panelists:  Daniela Pierre-BravoAshira Prossack, Suraj Sharma, April Johnson, Esq.

Moderator: Hayden Field,

Public Relations & Marketing:

All Eyes on You

In this fast paced world with instant information right at your fingertips, public relations and marketing professionals are on the front lines now more than ever. This session is made for new PR professionals and business owners wanting to get their messages across. During this Q&A session, hear the answers to a range of questions on public relations and marketing from a panel of experts. This is your opportunity to get an inside look and to ask industry execs all of your questions. You will learn the tips and tricks necessary for a successful public relations and marketing campaign to master your business and personal life.

Featured Panelists: Gabrielle Simpson, Annie Scranton, Mariah Oates, Keisha Brewer,

Moderator: Tequilla White 

Money & Finance:

From Millennial to Millionaire

You may be juggling paying student loans and credit cards while trying to save for that house, car or next trip. Learn strategies to keep and grow your money so you can live your best life. Get tips on financing your small business, and getting a mortgage for your first house, condo or co-op. Learn how to manage your life around credit. Hear secrets behind your credit score and learn tips on how to improve it, ways to save and invest your money. Make your money work for you!!

Featured Panelists: Sabrina Lamb, Melanie Stern, Kate Hao,

Moderator: Denise Kirk-Murray

Media & Entertainment:

What’s Behind The Screen

The media and entertainment industry is changing and at times, under fire. What is in store for this industry? Hear from industry execs as they pull back the screen to expose things you didn’t know about the media and entertainment industry. The panel will discuss the current state and future of TV, film, radio, podcast, streaming and print. Learn how to prepare and grow in this changing environment. Topics will include what opportunities will exist in 5-10 years, what skills will be necessary to be successful and how to create a name for yourself in the industry.

Featured Panelists: Rae Holliday, Allison HazelAshleigh Demi

Moderator: Imani Murray

Health & Wellness:

Living Your Best Life

With our busy lives, filled with work, family, and relationships, life can become stressful. This panel will explore ways to manage your work/life balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Learn tools to ensure a healthy mental and physical life including managing stress, time management and FOMO.

Featured Panelists: L. Ryan Shaffer, Briana Owens, Spicy Mari,

Moderator: Ryen Watkins